Noah Syndergaard: Hero or Menace?!

What in the blue and orange fuck went on last night?

What started as a wonderful tribute to the last Mets team to win a World Series championship devolved into a sideshow of rulebook quoting, chest pounding, embarrassing baseball that will taint the great moment of seeing such an awesome 1986 team reunion beforehand and turn last night into “The Utley Game, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo”.

If you’re reading this, you know the deal. Last season, professional douchenozzle, Chase Utley, broke the leg of then-Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada during the NLDS with what wasn’t so much of a slide as much as it was some kind of rolling tackle that had plenty of intent to injure and was beyond dirty.

MLB ended up changing a rule regarding the process of sliding into the bag during the offseason to help protect middle infielders largely because of the blowback of the Utley slide. The rule is even commonly known¬†as “The Utley Rule”. For his part, Chase Utley received a suspension that was later rescinded by MLB which meant that for doing his part in deliberately injuring another player to the point that they were forced to modify a rule, Utley received zero punishment.

Fast-forward to last night where Noah Syndergaard threw behind Utley and was immediately ejected by home plate umpire, Adam Hamari which directly led to an embarrassing Mets loss by the score of 9-1 to the Dodgers on the strength of two homers (including a grand slam) from Utley, of course.

Twitter and the baseball media erupted in the immediate aftermath that featured the hottest of takes from all angles that way anybody with any blog ever (hey, boo ūüėČ ) could pump their clicks and get in on the action as quick as possible.

Look, you can get facts and quotes from any number of bloggers and actual reporters. If you’re here, you are interested in what I have to say. Obviously, Thor is my guy. He’s my favorite current player on the team so I’m not without bias, but I have a really hard time believing that pitch “just got away” as he says. His control is far too good to just uncork a fastball that wildly.

So, figuring the pitch was purposeful, I like the fact that it was thrown behind Utley. It was away from him enough to never put him in danger, but sent a message at the same time. That’s fine. Nobody gets hurt and we move on. It certainly seemed like Utley understood (as he really always does, credit where its due) and was preparing himself for the next pitch as Thor was being ejected.

I have a problem with the ejection. As Utley’s slide was done with purpose and reckless intent to injure (nowhere near the bag and didn’t even slide so much as crouching chopblock), this pitch didn’t hit or injure. A warning would have sufficed and everybody could have been done with this. The ejection just further reinforces the small portion of people’s beliefs that the league is out to fuck the Mets (which I disagree with, but people say what they say). Ejection without warning basically just poured lighter fluid on a fire almost ready to expire.

Finally, and this needs to be said, the Mets came off completely bush league last night. Utley is a dick and always has been. Yeah, I get it. But if you were going to retaliate, why the fuck did you wait so goddamn long?

I understand not doing anything in the remainder of the NLDS. Stakes are too high. But if you wanted to do something, it should have been in LA last week where you played a four-game series and not wait until you had the coziness of a sellout crowd in your home park to try to impress the group of fiery brawlers from yesteryear who were being honored.

The 86 Mets pissed off everybody and for good reason, but the times and game have changed. Whether Collins called for this or if it was something Syndergaard did on his own, the fact is that it makes the Mets look like a group of whiners who then – poetically – got their shit pushed in by Utley anyway.

Noah Syndergaard is too talented – and too important to this team – to risk putting in a situation where someone can charge the mound seeking retribution and rip his right arm clear out of the shoulder socket. There is no reason to create an issue when the time has passed.

The Mets are a team that could and should be competing for a playoff spot and giving away games because of some misguided grudge isn’t going to do anybody any favors.

If this was on Syndergaard, then he needs to be pulled aside immediately. We love his talent, his personality and the way he’s able to project the aura of warrior one minute and fun-loving fan of life the next. But this episode makes him look less like Thor the future king and more like the petulant child who attacks Jotunheim and the Frost Giants in a fit of misplaced pride.

We can argue all day about the ejection being warranted or not, but the sad truth is that the Mets and Noah Syndergaard put themselves in a situation they didn’t need to be in and got son’d for it.

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Some Mets Fans Can Suck A Dick

Well, now that I have your attention…

For the past 15 years now, I have worked in and around the professional wrestling business mostly as an active performer. I’ve never made a lot of money, I’m not a big star, but it was my dream as a kid and there’s something to be said for actually going after your childhood dream.

Putting yourself on a stage like that teaches you a lot and opens yourself up to all sorts of criticism whether warranted or not. Most importantly, it thickens your skin. If you’re not good at your job, people are going to let you know. They’ll curse you. They’ll yell at you. Hell, they may even throw shit at you. They’ll definitely find you on social media and lambaste you because it’s an open forum and nobody’s stopping them.

They may even *gasp* boo you.

And, for some ungodly reason, the booing of an underperforming pitcher and elitism of some fans has gotten ridiculously divisive¬†on MetsTwitter. There’s the ones that booed Harvey after getting blown out by the Nats the other day. Then you have the portion that says real fans don’t boo their own players.

I’m just here to tell that last group: Eat a fucking dick.

Apparently Matt Harvey is so fucking sensitive that T-Shirt Guy has to run an emergency trip to Washington to show support for Harvey’s next start. Enough. Fucking enough.

Listen, I’m not going to say booing is always justified, but if a guy has a shit game, yeah, fucking boo him. Harvey didn’t get any help from his defense the other night, but it’s not like he was mowing these dudes down either. He can be booed. And his next game, we’ll cheer him unless he shits the bed again, in which case, fuck that: BOOOOOOOOOOO.

The argument has been made that if people did their job as bad as Harvey has been this season, they’d get booed too. And they’re wrong. They’d be fired. There’s not a company in the real world that allows you to be as fucking awful in an office setting as pro athletes can be sometimes.

If I fucked up that much in one day, the excuse of, “Sorry, boss, just can’t find my groove today” isn’t going to count for shit when my boss is demanding to know why I just cost the company a fuck ton of time, man hours and resources to rectify everything I just caused.

This idea that “Fragile Matt” needs his cheering section in DC next week to fix him is fucking pathetic and sad and makes me think that a lot of you were in foster care until being kicked out on your 18th birthday and now travel the streets still hoping to find someone to love you as much as you love that lone stuffed giraffe the orphanage gave you that one Christmas when you were four years-old one day.


Seriously. “Matt does not deserve to be booed”?? Have you fucking seen him? He’s been objectively awful. When you put yourself on the stage and don’t perform, you deserve to be booed. He’s a goddamn professional athlete. Not some fucking 11 year-old who is hoping his estranged father will actually leave the office in time to come check out his Ozone Howard Little League Championship game.

Baseball is entertainment. Matt Harvey gets paid a lot of money and the fans pay a lot of money to be able to attend games expecting their big time players to perform. When that expectation falls short, you have the right to boo. You have the right to not boo.

Just don’t think you’re better than the guy next to you for doing the opposite of what you prefer. And certainly don’t be enough of a fucking pussy to think that a professional athlete who has been under the microscope his entire life is so fucking fragile that he needs you and your friends to cheer for him in desperation because your kind words are the only thing that can get him back on track.

Fuck you. Oh…and let’s go Mets!

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