Wrestle-Matz-ia (Game) 6: The Not-Quite-Ultimate Challenge

Almost every Monday, my buddy Pete Cool and I go to a local bar over here in Tampa for Pop Culture trivia night. We have a few adult beverages, a gaggle of laughs and sometimes even win a gift card to be used for more adult beverages at the host bar.

Last night, I looked for any excuse not to go to Trivia Night because I just wanted to stay on the couch and watch the Mets. I get like that during baseball season. Anything that comes in the way of me watching the Mets gets severely questioned. Do I wanna go? Do I REALLY wanna go? I don’t wanna go. Maybe someone else will feel like not going and give me an excuse to not go.

Well, Pete was ready to comply as he was looking to get to bed early, but due to constant prodding from other friends who rely on our knowledge of “How Do You Talk To An Angel” by The Heights, we both ended up going out even if I was rather preoccupied watching the game on the MLB.tv app on my iPhone.

It became clear almost immediately that being in a place that served alcohol was the best thing that could have happened to me as Steven Matz got absolutely lit the fuck up in a seven-run second inning against the Marlins that made watching the last 7 and a half innings a chore of the worst kind.

The Mets did scratch across a few runs later, but the game was clearly decided as an offensive that has seen severe struggles early on showed no real capability to get back into the game. This allowed me to pay more attention to trivia and my did mounted a final round upset to win the aforementioned gift card by being able to put four albums from 2000 in order from highest to lowest by opening week sales.

Because I’m sure you’ll ask, here’s the order:

  1. “No Strings Attached” – *NSYNC
  2. “The Marshall Mathers LP” – Eminem
  3. “Black And Blue” – Backstreet Boys
  4. “Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water” – Limp Bizkit


This is the legendary Pete Cool posing with the trophy that turns us into a group of incredibly obnoxious assholes. So we won. That was good.

Quick Mets notes that have nothing to do with trivia:

  • The team has gotten absolutely zero from both Curtis Granderson and Travis d’Arnaud. The hope was for Grandy to sustain what he was able to do last season, but this was supposed to be the season for TdA to really come into his own and turn into an elite offensive catcher. Travis is far removed from being a prospect and, at 27, is in his athletic prime. If he’s healthy, the tools are there.
  • Nice job by Addison Reed, Jeurys Familia and Jerry Blevins chipping in 3.2 innings of scoreless relief in what was already a whitewash.Was listening to Howie and Josh on the way back from trivia and Howie mentioned that the infield hit by Dee Gordon off Blevins was the first time a hitter has reached based safely since Blevins became a Met. He had retired his previous 21 hitters. Cool, little factoid.
  • What was up with the cage on Giancarlo Stanton’s batting helmet. It was on for his first at-bat, off for the second in which he homered off Matz and then back on again. I couldn’t hear the audio so don’t know if GKR made any mention of this, but that was just odd.

So, what did we learn from last night? Nothing, really. These kinds of blowouts happen both for and against every time at some point during the season and actually worries me less than the games against the Phillies. Combine that with the fact that Matz hadn’t pitched in what feels like two weeks because of the silly scheduling and I’m not overly concerned.

The boys are back at it tonight with Noah Syndergaard taking the mound against Jose Fernandez in one of those pitching match-ups that looks awesome on paper. Fernandez is working his way back from Tommy John surgery last year, but it should still be fun.

Two more games against the Marlins before the Mets hit the road for a nine-game road trip. I’d like to see them (or just anybody in the lineup) get the bats going a bit so they have a little positive momentum going into that trip, but maybe getting on the road may be what this team needs.

After all the pomp and circumstance of the opening series rematch in Kansas City and then returning home to good crowd and NL Championship rings, maybe getting on the road for a stretch away from all this will be good to get them back in the routine of just having to play baseball.

I’ll actually be in Cleveland on Friday to see Progressive Field for the first time so if anybody else is making the trip and wants to grab a beer, let me know. Until then, Happy Thorsday!

Contact: On Twitter, @MaximusSexPower or e-mail: elshoeshatemail@msn.com


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