Game 5: Don’t Worry, It’s a Long Season

I hate being the negative guy. I genuinely do. And usually, I never am. I’m always happy and excited for the season to start and have found ways to enjoy even some really bad seasons on the field.

This year is supposed to be different. Like I’ve said multiple times, there are real and genuine expectations for this team this season. And a pair of lifeless, flat performances against a shitty team aren’t exactly encouraging signs.

If you’re reading this, you know what happened. The Mets lost in a very similar fashion to the way they did yesterday. Matt Harvey wasn’t amazing, but he wasn’t horrible either. The bats are still stuck in a deep, winter slumber.

Yoenis Cespedes did hit a two-run homer to make it a one-run game in the sixth and temporarily wake up the crowd, but that was as close as they would get as they went down quietly and without fanfare.

With that being said, here are some notes and takeaways from a game I can’t wait to forget:

  •  Curtis Granderson has had an awful start to the season. He’s now 1 for 20 with that singular hit coming last Sunday night in Kansas City. He did look to have a few good swings today so maybe he’s getting his timing back or whatever, but this team leans heavily on Granderson who single-handedly kept them afloat offensively last year when he was pretty much the only competent big leaguer in the lineup until the end of July.
  • There is one more year left on Grandy’s deal after this season and, while some regression is expected as he gets older, you hope it’s not too drastic. The lineup isn’t perfect (although, it is improved from even the end of last season), but Granderson does represent their best option in the leadoff spot. With the roster as currently constructed, I don’t even know who you would in that spot should some kind of shake-up be required.
  • David Wright had a couple of hits today giving him 1750 for his career and moving him into a tie for 413th on the all-time hits list with the immortal Deacon McGuire. That’s kind of nice. I think we’re pretty much all cheering for David, but watching him – even on a good day – makes you wonder how much longer his body will allow him to continue to do this. He did make a nice play barehanding a dribbler early in the game, but his throw had zero zip on it. The team has a lot invested in him between dollars, history and future marketing, so he’ll be given every opportunity to do as much as possible, but it’s not crazy to think that his time as an everyday player may be coming to an end a lot sooner than any of us had expected.
  • Addison Reed did a helluva Mel Rojas impersonation today.

Look, losing two of three to the Philthies isn’t the end of the world. But I expected more from these guys coming out of the gate. Maybe it’s the scheduling or the cold weather, I don’t know, but you have to take advantage of the – as Keith would say – second-division teams. Last year, the Mets took 8 of 9 from the Phils at home. They’ve already given away two.

This is going to the theme for the season. There is absolutely no excuse to lose a series to these horrible teams that are doing their best to tank as hard as they can this season.

Life and baseball shall go on, however. We welcome the Marlins to Citi tomorrow in yet another series that they Mets should win. You want to be a contender? You have expectations. Time to meet them.

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