Thor Defends Asgard, Sparks Mets to Victory

  While the narrative is centered around the up and in fastball Noah Syndergaard delivered to Alcides Escobar to open the game, it was pitch number 104 from the man known as Thor that effectively got the Mets back into the Worls Series. 

Alex Rios grounded out on said pitch diffusing a chance for the Royals to get back into the game and the Mets’ not-as-quite vaunted bullpen held the line as New York was able to win the first World Series game played in Queens in fifteen years by a score of 9-3. 

Too much attention will be paid to the opening pitch. Sure, it was high and a little tight, but both teams handled it the right way and, in truth, it wasn’t all that dangerously close to hitting Escobar. 

The Royals didn’t like it and fired up to support their guy which is to be expected. The Mets could no longer allow Kansas City to dig in comfortably to take was amounting to batting practice. 

The strike zone differences from games one and two again played a role early in game three with Syndergaard getting heavily squeezed early in the game and having two strikeouts-that-should-been turn into three Kansas City runs before settling in and getting the Mets deep enough to turn things over to the bullpen with the lead. 

David Wright, in the game he’s been waiting 12 years for, homered in the bottom of the first and then added insurance with a two-run single to give the Mets some breathing room. 

Has there been a Met as valuable as Curtis Granderson this season? While staying mostly under the radar while young pitchers and typical Mets drama made the headlines all year, Grandy put together a very solid season out of the lead off spot and has been the team’s most consistent postseason performer as well once you get past Daniel Murphy’s homer binge. 

Granderson hit a two-run homer early that eventually turned out to be the game-winner, but also made a sterling running catch in the right-centerfield alley on a Ben Zobrist shot that seemed to just keep carrying after not looking like much off the bat. 

It was exactly what the team needed. The bats provided runs, Syndergaard pitched well enough to make the runs stand up and the bullpen did their job. The Mets were able to capitalize on a few Royals mistakes and suddenly, the same people who were declaring the series over on Thursday are now saying it’s anybody’s game again. 

Steven Matz will attempt to draw the Mets even in tonight’s game as the Royals send soft-tossing veteran, Chris Young to the hill. 

Young pitched three innings in relief during the marathon that was game one which may help the Mets having seen his repotoire first hand so recently. 

Either way, the team looks alive again. They showed up and played their asses off. Now they know they can beat this team and that will hopefully keeping rolling as the series progresses. 


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